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2020 Online Canton Fair Prosperity Achieved Excellent Results

This year's Canton Fair features a total of 25000 enterprises participating in the "cloud" exhibition, with 1.8 million products, hundreds of thousands of global buyers, and millions of Chinese foreign trade industry personnel. Online negotiations will be conducted 24/7 within 10 days, injecting new momentum into global trade.

Guangdong Changsheng Electric Co., Ltd. has arranged live broadcasts for different sessions of the online Canton Fair to better serve buyers from around the world, in response to the issue of varying time differences in different countries. The company hopes to take this opportunity and double its annual sales to Europe and America in the next five years.

Xingtan Town Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau said that the holding of the Canton Fair online is an innovative measure to actively respond to the impact of the COVID-19, and strive to stabilize the basic market of foreign trade and foreign capital, which is conducive to helping foreign trade enterprises get orders and protect the market. Xingtan Town has introduced a series of support policies to help Xingtan enterprises overcome difficulties.