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The 28th Shenzhen Baoan Gifts and Houseware Exhibition was held to (show. Exchange. Co-operation. Development) came to a successful conclusion

Analyse the people who visit the exhibition is divided into several categories of people: 1. exhibitors, 2. other industries, 3. people with the intention of buying, 4. industry to understand the market, 5. want to buy samples of people on the spot, and so on;

Whether as "buy" or "sell", the key is the product. Even if customers have a need to buy, but the market is so many similar products, how do we let customers buy our products, which needs to improve the competitiveness of our products. Product competitiveness can be reflected in the product design, popularity, quality, price and so on. The increase of the market competitors, which represents the huge market, how to effectively capture the market, which is the theme of the future need to think about.

Generally speaking, customers are satisfied with our products, no matter it is the design and quality, they are very satisfied; the main thing is how to maintain the old customers and increase the new customers in the case of competitors. The main thing is how to maintain the old customers and increase the new customers in case of competitors, and how to increase the share of our products in the market, which is the problem we can't neglect at this stage.

This exhibition after all the efforts or relatively smooth, and the company's brand has also been a good promotion, I am in the exhibition to learn the previous knowledge did not learn, and the industry has a newer understanding, but also appreciate: a company wants to operate in a healthy and orderly manner is the need for concerted efforts of all the staff, help each other.