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2020 online Canton Fair prosperous company achieves outstanding performance

A total of 25,000 companies participating in the “cloud” of the Canton Fair this year , 1.8 million products, hundreds of thousands of global buyers and millions of Chinese foreign trade industry personnel will conduct online negotiations 24 hours a day within 10 days , providing a global Trade injects new momentum.

About Guangdong Changsheng Electric Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Changsheng Electric Co., Ltd. was established on August 28, 2000. It is located in Shunde, Guangdong, the hometown of household appliances in China. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of household appliances.

How will online prosperity companies respond in 2020?

In the past, at this time, at least 200,000 buyers from all over the world gathered in Guangzhou, but now the online Canton Fair is open, through nearly 20,000 companies (80% of the total exhibitors) built in their own factories. , Merchants can "closely" observe the production and operation of the enterprise.

The 28th Shenzhen Baoan Gifts and Household Goods Exhibition was grandly held with (display, exchange, cooperation, development) successfully concluded

The people who analyze and visit are divided into several categories: 1. Exhibitors, 2. People from other industries, 3. People with purchase intentions, 4. People in the industry who want to understand the market, 5. People who want to buy samples on site, etc.;

2020 Changsheng Electric's first summer intern farewell party

Recently, Guangdong Changsheng Electric Co., Ltd. held a farewell party for summer interns. At the farewell meeting, the leadership of Guangdong Changsheng Electric Co., Ltd.

The 20th Anniversary Celebration of Changsheng Company was a complete success


Xingtan Town Autumn Human Resources Job Fair

The Autumn Human Resources Recruitment Fair in Xingtan Town came to a successful conclusion, and the staff of Changsheng Electric’s personnel administration department achieved outstanding results. Fully demonstrated the sense of responsibility of the personnel administration department of Changsheng Electric. Under the leadership of the department leaders, the colleagues actively participated in the event. From the arrangement of the venue in the early stage of the event to the closing of the job fair, everyone achieved unity and cooperation, worked tirelessly, worked hard, and benefited a lot from the event.
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