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Xingtan General Chamber of Commerce


Xingtan General Chamber of Commerce

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Xingtan General Chamber of Commerce

Like other chambers of Commerce, Xingtan General Chamber of Commerce has received the support and concern of the party and government of the hometown. The government and the chamber of Commerce interact with each other equally, digest the institutional convenience brought by the "official" characteristics of the chamber of Commerce in the early stage, strengthen the low-cost advantages of the development and operation of the chamber of Commerce by strengthening the "folk" nature, and gradually evolved into the designer of the industry development, the coordinator of the industry economic operation, the advisor of the industry policy-making, the protector of the industry interests and the service provider of the industry members.

Entrepreneurs should operate in accordance with the law, be honest and trustworthy, cast the brand of enterprise integrity, and improve the overall image of the enterprise; they should develop scientifically and grow healthily, pay more attention to the quality and efficiency of development; they should make more contributions to repay the society, help the party and the government solve difficulties, and make new contributions to the construction of a Harmonious Central Plains.

Vice president said: We Xingtan people should inherit and carry forward the traditional spirit of "hard work, courage to break through and forge ahead". We should better integrate into the local industrial culture of Xingtan, do a good job in management, repay the local, feed back the hometown, and establish the image of Xingtan people.

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