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Support the school running friendly units


Support the school running friendly units

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  We should implement the national strategy of invigorating the country through science and education, promote scientific and technological innovation, speed up the economic development and social progress of enterprises, make full use of the technology, human resources and advanced and mature technological achievements of vocational colleges, improve the scientific research ability of teaching, transform scientific research achievements into productive forces as soon as possible, and carry out comprehensive cooperation in various forms to jointly promote enterprise schools To form a professional and industrial mutual promotion and common development, and strive to achieve "school enterprise cooperation, industry and University win-win"

  In order to promote students' off campus practice and social practice activities, cultivate technical talents with higher professional practice ability, improve teaching quality and scientific research level, integrate various resources and enhance innovation ability as the goal, Dr. Hu Baoxing Education Charity Foundation: Hu Baoxing vocational and technical school, Xingtan town, Shunde District, Foshan City, in the principle of cooperation, mutual assistance and win-win situation, has established a scientific foundation for the development of the project In December 2016, we cooperated with Guangdong Shunde Changsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. to "support the school running friendly units" to add bricks and tiles to the education cause of tomorrow.





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